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Address: 8/F, Business Building, No.15, Tiyubei Road, Chikan District, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, P.R.China
0759 - 3,161,136

The Donghai Island Tourist Resort


The Donghai Island Tourist Resort in Zhanjiang city is located east of the Donghai Island and is the fifth largest island inChina. It is one of "the New Eight Attractions in Zhanjiang". Facing the South Pacific, the resort is an ideal place to watch sunrise. The 28-kilometer-long beach is comparable to the "Golden Beach" inItaly. The "Human-Dragon Dance" in Donghai  Island is known as "One Unsurpassed Feat of the Orient" and has won the praise of tourists from home and abroad.

The Donghai Island Tourist Resort boasts clean beaches and seawater. The soft clean sand contains various kinds of minerals beneficial to the human body and a sand bath is helpful in curing various kinds of skin diseases. The Resort also has bountiful underground hot springs. After a day's visit you can immerse yourself into a hot spring pool in the hotel or villa. You will definitely find yourself refreshed mentally and physically. Another attraction in the Resort is the Coconut Tree Forest Garden with unique seaside scenery in South China.

You can enjoy the coolness of the wonderful sea and a variety of delicious local foods. The wind from the sea makes you feel refreshed, carefree and content. A wide range of entertainment activities are available on the spectacular beach; light airplanes, speedboat on the sea, banana boats, and beach sports car rides. Moreover, you can tug the fishing net with the fishermen. You will surely have great fun!


Walking on the longest beach inChina; Bathing in the natural bathing reservation; Having fun by taking part in the beach amusement activities; Enjoying the Human-Dragon Dances; and Eating fresh seafood.

How to Get There:

1. Get on the bus bound for the resort near the Xiashan Railway Station. The interval is about 20 minutes. Bus fare is eight yuan.

2. Another option is to take a Xiashan-to-Dongnan Bus. (You need to tell the driver that you need to go to the Donghai  Island before you get on.)

Tel: 0759-2389365


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