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Address: 8/F, Business Building, No.15, Tiyubei Road, Chikan District, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, P.R.China
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The Techeng Island Resort


The Techeng Island is a small picturesque island in the beautiful Zhanjiang Bay. "Techeng" is old Cantonese, meaning "the Lucky Island." The inhabitants of the island have been making a living by fishing for generations.

Six hundred years ago, Xin Jin, a member of the Imperial Academy, paid a visit to the island and left a poem entitled On the Wentong Pavilion in Techeng Mountain, which has been widely read ever since. 300 years ago, Chen Jinglian, a poet during the Kangxi Reign in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), admired the beautiful scenery in the Techeng Island so much that he wrote a poem entitled On the Techeng Mountain.

The Techeng Island Resort
The Techeng Island   In 2003, then the CPC General Secretary Hu Jintao, after conducting an inspection tour of the Techeng Island, expressed his hope that the Techeng Island can be rebuilt into a new eco-tourism island, which marked a new era of the island's development.



The Techeng Island has become an ideal place for the city dwellers to relax and refresh themselves. The resort features both the traditional culture in Leizhou Peninsula and the modern leisure culture. It takes only eight minutes from downtown Zhanjiang to the Resort by ferry. The blue sea, the silver beach and the 500-year-old lush mangrove forest form a beautiful landscape painting of the subtropical island. With the hot spring, the small bridges and bubbling water, the quadrangle courtyard, the luxurious thatched cottage, and the outdoor camps, you can enjoy an extraordinary and happy vacation.

Come to this quiet island, and relax your heart and mind.

Main attractions: the mangrove forest, the Xiantai Temple, the Tingtao Tower, and the Residence of Chen Wuhan

Recommended activities: Cycling around the island, taking a hot spring bath, and staying in a seaside log cabin.

Address: Mazhang district, Zhanjiang city

How to get there: Taking the ferry between Xiashan district and Techeng Island.

Tel: 0759-2119111

Admission: 40 yuan ($6.4) for the ferry round-trip.



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