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Zhanjiang Airport resumes flights to Wuhan

Zhanjiang Airport resumed its flights to Wuhan, Hubei province starting from April 8 after Wuhan, the city in China hardest hit by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pneumonia, ended its 76-day lockdown.

Four flights, operated by Air China, have been arranged on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday every week. Flights will take off from Wuhan at 11:55 am and arrive in Zhanjiang at 2:20 pm, returning to Wuhan from Zhanjiang at 3:50 pm and arriving in Wuhan at 5:55 pm.

A health notice, which reminds people to do the daily health management and a 14-day health monitoring report, will be issued for everyone who returns to Zhanjiang from Wuhan to ensure the safety of the public in the city.

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