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Enjoy a perfect Xuwen voyage with your weekend

Spring is full of flowers and birdsong,

such good times are hard to live up to,

so as soon as the weekend comes,

plan where to play tomorrow.

Partner A: Why don’t we go to Xuwen this weekend!

Partner B: Good! I always want to go to Pineapple Sea,and eat pineapple feast!

Partner C: It’s said that the mutton porridge at night there is very famous and we must eat it.

Partner D: Let’s go!To Xuwen,we must go to the Antarctic village!


If you can lend me a weekend,

I’ll give you back a perfect Xuwen trip.


A shining pearl at the southernmost tip of the Chinese mainland



Xuwen as a shining pearl at the southernmost tip of the Chinese mainland,

it seems small and simple,but it has its own style

it has its own unique customs.

This secluded seaside town,

more and more people from all over the world are paying attention to it.


Xuwen also has a long-standing story with one person,

It’s called “Eastern Shakespeare”--- Tang Xianzu.

When Tang Xianzu was demoted to Xuwen,

he donated money together with Xiong Min, who was then the governor of Xuwen county,

 to establish "Guisheng Academy".


Guisheng Academy is located in the north and south, and it is a quadrangle courtyard building.

There are several lush phoenix trees and ancient banyan trees in the vestibule of the academy,

 there is also an ancient well known as "Mengquan",

legend has it that Tang Xianzu chiseled it.


Across Guisheng Academy is the beautiful Xuwen Museum,

the exterior structure is modelled on the buildings of the Han Dynasty.

Xuwen County Museum is like a materialized history of development,

people can talk to history through the cultural relics here,

and through the barrier of time and space,

overlooking the history of Xuwen ups and downs.


Xuwen County Museum


Next to the museum is a multi-functional ecological Guisheng Park,

 there are six scenic spots and eight scenic spots in the park,

and equipped with various pavilions,

Celebrity sculpture, painting and calligraphy wall gallery, forest trail,

flower garden, bonsai show, lake bridge...

When people play in the garden, they will get the feeling of returning to nature.



 Dengyun Pagoda is one of the eight sceneries of Xuwen, known as "Yanta mocking wind",

It is also one of the largest buildings in ancient Xuwen.

 The ancients referred to Dengyun Pagoda as "writing style",

it expresses Xuwen people's desire to expand talents,

and go straight up.

Come to Xuwen,

there is another thing you have to do,

 that is to

eat a mutton,

drink a bowl of mutton porridge,

and eat a bowl of salt powder.


In Xuwen, white-cut mutton is commonly eaten.

Don't think the mutton here is very smelly,

actually, it doesn't taste at all!

 On the contrary, they let their friends who do not like the smell of mutton

fall in love with it instantly ,it is the law of "true fragrance".



The delicious porridge ,

is cooked with mutton soup and rice.

Eat a bowl of mutton porridge,

its porridge fragrance and meat fragrance is very appetizing.

Another way to eat is to soak fried sticks in mutton porridge,

which is crisp and delicious!


Xuwen salted powder is made of a special kind of rice flour,

it is the most commonly eaten breakfast in Xuwen.

Salted powder with fresh pressed peanut oil and other condiments,

and plus peanuts, pickles and other snacks, it’s oily and smooth.

Both cold mix and soup.

If you want to have a pineapple dinner,

I can recommend you to the Treasure Food Garden near Xuwen bus station.

Pineapple Ribs,