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Let me take you looking for a bite of the Zhanjiang distinctive snacks……

Zhanjiang, brilliant blue seabrilliant blue sky, is a passionate romantic gulf city, urban customs and age-old culture adding brilliance to each other, enjoy the great reputations of gold coast, ecological green city, sky- far southern ancient town, glamour harbor city. When you wander around the city, u are bound to meet up with the flipped scenery.

The typical cuisine of Zhanjiang is: Zhanjiang Soft-Boiled Chicken, Scalding Sea Shrimp, Steamed Sea Crap, Pan-fried Pomfret, Steamed  Abalone with Chopped Garlic, Steamed Lobster with Chopped Garlic, Steamed sandworm with Chopped Garlic and so on.

Distinctive snacks mainly consist of: Char Bbq Oyster, Stir-fried Rice Noodles with a Bubbling pan, Sand Worn and Sand Snail Gruel, Fried Prawn Cutlets, Rice noodle Rolls, Pier sarmentosum Roxb(Hello Rice), Cudweed Herb Rice Cake and so on.

Let me take you looking for a bite of the Zhanjiang distinctive snacks……

Flank beef rice noodle

The signature breakfast dish of the breakfast restaurant in Zhanjiang is flank beef rice noodle. It`s a common dish for the breakfast restaurant in Zhanjiang. The crude materials for flank beef rice noodle are not expensive, made easily, simple way of eating. Flank beef rice noodle is a popular breakfast dish for all the local people ,whether suited white collar ,work clothed blue collar or student, when they enter the restaurant, they would like to order a bowl of flank beef rice noodle. They devour  the flank beef rice noodle with a chopstick. The first thing about selecting main raw materials for making flank beef rice noodle is the thickening flank beef, fat but not greasy. When making the flank beef rice noodle, they should boil the soup of flank beef with pork bone a day earlier, the boiled flank beef will taste soft and crisp. Also the soup and special made flavoring factor in the taste of flank beef rice noodle. Adding some gauze packed Chinese medicinal materials into the soup to boil the flank beef- pork bone and cut the flank beef into piece at nightfall. The flank beef rice noodles in Zhanjiang is different from the hot and sour rice noodles and Guilin rice noodles, the noodles are all made from ground rice and the degree of width and thin are perfect. The taste of rice noodles are fabulous after adding the flank beef sauce to it. The soup taste sweet and delicious. The taste fit for the most people, that is really common taste for people.

Steamed Rice Rolls

I like the steamed rice rolls when I was little child, it`s an interesting thing for me to watch the cooks of the restaurant making the steamed rice rolls. They put the rice milk on the special made metal trays, then adding some filling such as ground meat(like the dumpling stuffing) to it. After that, they steam the milk rice with filling by putting the trays into the multilayer steamer, when it`s done, they scrape out the done-rice milk and cut it into several pieces with a scraper and put it on the plate, finally adding the leek oil and special made soy sauce to it. It smells good, so appetizing.

Braised beef offal

Braised beef offal is one of the favorite street food for Zhanjiang citizens in Guangdong province. Zhanjiang braised beef offal is made in a traditional way which the beef offal is salted after wash the beef offal again and again to make sure it clear, take out and wash it again before the beef offal well done, put it back to braise it with condiments :fennel, paper ,anise, cinnamon, orange peel, sand ginger, cardamun and so on until it well done. In this way, the beef offal soup become so thick, so delicious with features.

Seafood congee

The common seafood congee is sandworm congee, sand snail congee and sea crap congee and so on. The way of cooking the seafood congee is very fastidious. Before adding fresh seafood to the congee, you should braise the rice with pork bone soup several hours, at the same time adding some dried seafood like scallop, before adding the fresh seafood. After adding the fresh seafood, you should control the fire to avoid over cook the seafood like sandworm, sand snail. Finally adding some chopped green onion, cilantro and pepper powder to the fire-stop seafood congee,  the seafood congee is completely finish. Having a bowl of seafood congee with a dish of stir-fried rice noodles, that is really delicious.

Leaves clip cake

Leaves clip cake is a strange Zhanjiang distinctive breakfast. It is really my first time to experience eating a cake with leaves clipping. It is sold on the streets of Zhanjiang. The price is normally 1 yuan for one cake. The leaves clip cake can be taste in both way: sweet and salty.

On the new year`s day and other festivals, the local people like to visit relatives and friends with cake foods, leaves clip cake is one of the favorite. The leaves clip cake can be taste in both sweet and salty way. The skins of both are made of  glutinous rice four, but the salty cake wrapping with mixing filling of peanut, Kalimeris indica(L)Sch—Bip, dry shrimp, salted radish and so on; The sweet cake wrapping with mixing filling of white sugar, shredded coconut, sesame, peanut kernel and so on. After finishing the filling, attaching the cake with two jack fruit or banana leaves in symmetry, steaming them for about one hour before it`s well done.

Beef offal on a stick

Zhanjiang beef offal on a stick is made in a traditional way which the beef offal is salted after wash the beef offal again and again, braise it till it`s done, boil up the beef offal in the prepared thick soup after stringing the beef offal with iron wires or bamboo sticks. In this way, the essence of soup infiltrates the beef offal string, so delicious with features.

The quintessence of beef offal string is all about ingredient, the ingredient is a special made bean paste by the local people which is not selling in the market. How delicious it is when you are eating the beef offal string accompanying with the bean paste after adding some pure peanut oil, also chilli if you favor spicy.

Fried shrimps cake

Fried shrimps cake is really an outstanding feature of Zhanjiang gourmet. Although it looks ordinary from appearance but the taste of a bite of it absolutely make u unforgettable. The style of  tasting salty and crisp impresses most people, seldom places have such featuring snacks except Zhanjiang.

Zhanjiang is abundant in marine product which gives the inventor of fried shrimps cake the inspiration. The way of frying shrimps cake is very simple: Frying the fresh shrimps which attaches the sweet potato starch until it turns yellow. The biggest feature of Zhanjiang fried shrimps cake is good in smell and taste crisp with sea shrimp`s scent, which make u unforgettable once you have a bite of it.

False Pineapple wrapping Rice dumpling

“ False Pineapple leaves , making the shape of little chicken. When chickens grow up, sell them in the market. How much does it sells, 300 yuan: one hundred for the winter solstice festival, one hundred for the new year festival, another one hundred for winning Zhuang Yuan(No. 1).” This is a folk rhyme of the Dragon Boat Festival to be heard all over the streets of Zhanjiang.

There are two kinds of salty rice dumpling: salty millet dumpling and glutious rice dumpling, the fillings for both are mainly pork belly, mixing with some seasoning like liqueur, pepper, spice powder, sugar, salt and so on.

When you have a bite of the appetizing rice dumpling, tacky texture, fat but not greasy pork meat,   special scents of wild pepper, suddenly a taste of salty harshy egg yolk, all these can be concluded as the words: how delicious! The taste of rice dumpling can be described as sweet , mellow, smooth and chewy, fat but not greasy. The smell of rice dumpling lasting even you have eaten up all of it.

Zhazha YeFried snacks

Zhazha Ya”, When you are eating it, is it a recall for your childhood memory?

Although the old restuarants of “Zhazha Ya” usually locate in the winding alleys, a continuous stream of visitors are coming. There many kinds of snacks in the “Zhazha Ya” restuarant, such as fried banana, fried crab stick and stinky tofu. Now the price of snacks are a little expensive than before. How do you like the Zhazha Ya snacks? It`s an authentic popular snacks, it is a snack which recall you the good old days. 30 yuan is ok for two guys to enjoy the snacks.


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