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It is a bit of seafood voyage

Zhanjiang, is a livable coastal city which located in the southernmost part of the Chinese mainland, covering the northern part of Leizhou Peninsula. It is at the juncture of Guangdong province, Guangxi province and Hainan province, east to the south China sea, south to Hainan island seprated by Qiongzhou strait, west facing the Beibu gulf, with the hinterland of Southwest China to the north. Zhanjiang, known formerly as Guangzhou Bay, also named as Barbor City, is a prefecture-level city of Guangdong province . It is the transportation center of west Guangdong province and Beibu gulf district, also the economic center of western part of Guangdong province  and Beibu gulf economy circle, the logistics center of Greater Southwest passage way of going to the sea. Zhanjiang is a national intergrated traffic hub city.

On september 21st, 1937, the goverment of the republic China took back the french leased territory Guangzhou Bay,  and named it as Zhanjiang. It is a port city for the shortest voyage from Chinese mailand to Southeast Asia, European , Africa and Ociania. Zhanjiang is one of first coastal open cities in China, also the location of PLA South Sea Fleet headquarter.

There is a saying: Those living on a mountain live off the mountain, those living near water live off water. It is certainly you should have a bite of voyage since u are in a  city which lives off the ocean. The seafoods in the Ocean Gourmet City of Joy ,which located in Dongti Road seafood market, is well known for they have the freshest varieties of seafood.

You will find that there are crowded of people in the market when u are stepping in the market. The shop squatters greet the buyers with enthusiasm for selling their seafoods. So many kinds of marine products in the market, such as the sand worm, oyster, big abalone, lobster, I am going to introduce several kinds of seafood and the way they cook to you.

Sand worm, also named as “Ocean Ginseng”. It is a high protein tonic which produce from the silt in the tidal flat area. Although it`s not so expensive as sea cucumber, shark`s fin, abalone, the soft and tender taste of sand worm is better than cucumber, shark`s fin. Sand worm are abundant in Beihai City of Beibu Gulf and Zhanjiang City usually. It would be a pity if you have not enjoyed  the foods making by sand worn when you are in Zhanjiang.

The high reputation of sand worm is not because of it is scarce, but the delicacy and sweet taste of the foods it`s making. The food of sand worm can be served as main dish, and the ways of sand worm making food are deep-fry, dry-eating, fresh-eating. The variety of sand worm making food can be as much as your preference. Now I would like to introduce you the two typical way of sand worm making food.

First dish: Scalding sandworm with oil

Heat up the water until it`s boiling, put the clean sand worms into the boiling water for 2 to 5 minutes, take it out. Adding appropriate amount of soy sauce and peanut oil to stir with the sand worn, then it`s ok for you to enjoy. The fragrance of peanut oil syncretize  with the fresh taste of sandworm which makes you want to eat more. Scalding sandworm with oil is the most common way of eating sandworm by the people living near the ocean which preserves the most of the original taste of the sandworm.

Second dish: Steamed sandworms with mashed garlic

Put the sandworms above the vermicelli after clear the sandworms on a plate, cover the sandworm with mashed garlic, oil and salt. Steaming the sandworms for 8-10 minutes in a boiling water pot until it`s done. The mashed garlic helps the fresh taste of sandworms smell better, it is really fabulous. A visually appealing and flavors steamed sandworms with mashed garlic is ready after adding the chopped green onion.

Oyster, named ostreagigastnunb, fisherman in North China call it HailiShili, which is the commom shellfish in the ocean. Oyster, named “Hao” in Southern Guangdong, “Lifang” in Southern Fujian, the Guangdong Chenghai county annals, which was a well known oyster cultivation fields in history, records:” Lifang is shellfish, When eating it in a fresh way named Haobai, but eating in salty way named Lihuang, both are delicious.” In the west, oyster named as “ milk from the ocean”, also recorded as “ power from the ocean”. When in China, Tang poet Libai had a saying”West or east, oyster is the best”. In the Qing dynasty, governor of Fujian had a poem:” the flavour of Lifang is better than pen shell”. We can know from above that oyster is very popular in the China or abroad.

Oyster, which the meat of it is very tender and rich in nutrition, is the favarite food  for people in the dinning table. Zhanjiang Oyster is a golden card for Zhanjiang. Oyster is a signature for Zhanjiang which is a necessary dish for people coming to Zhanjiang. When we are talking the way of cooking oyster, the quik reminder in our mind is mashed garlic or original taste grilling oyster, both are the common ways of selling the oyster for the midnight snack shop in Zhanjiang. The two ways of eating oyster preserve the original dripping of oyster, so freshy fat.

Oyster grilled with mashed garlic , in this way the smell of garlic syncretize with oyster fresh-sweet, affords a lingering after-taste. The original taste grilling oyster is to be eated with soy sauce and mustard, that is really a challenge to your appetite. The most anthetic and dilecious way of eating oyster is leek oyster soup. The fresh oyster clear with water, boiling the oyster with water, add appropriate salt, stop the fire when adding the leeks to it immediately. Above is the exactly eating way of the coast seaside families.

Abalone, known as the “ears of the ocean” by people, which is abandunt in Naozhou Island of Zhanjiang, is the Chinese traditional precious material, enjoy the reputation of “ champion of seafood”. Abalone, is famous for its dilecious taste , tender in texture and rich in nutrition, which was the tribute to the emperors in the past dynasties. Abalone listed in the state banquets of the great hall of the people so many times. It`s one of the classical Chinese state banquets.

If you had missed the sunrise and sunset of the most southern Chinese mainland, it`s all right, we can take on a bite of seafood voyage. But if you had also missed the seafood voyage, then you were really come to Zhanjiang for no avail. We are always waitting for you no matter where you are, where are you from!


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