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The food features a stuffed glutinous dumpling between two jackfruit leaves or banana leaves. It's available at local shops on the street.

Charcoal roasted oyster

Oyster, known for its delicious taste, is nicknamed "milk in the sea". Zhanjiang abounds in oysters, which feature freshness, and a smooth, tender and crisp texture.

Clam rice

Clam betel is a very common wild short plant in Zhanjiang and has a strong vitality. The clam rice is one of the most popular foods among locals.

Anpu Bojichui

Bojichui is a local specialty and is placed on a bamboo container resembling a dustpan. The snack is made of rice, cornstarch, water, sesame, peanut oil, soy and chili sauces and garlic. People will eat it on July 14th to avoid disaster and exorcise evil spirits.

Zhanjiang steamed vermicelli roll

The steamed vermicelli roll is white as snow and thin as paper, and carries glistening luster and delicious taste. It's a popular specialty among locals.

Anpu Jiandui

Jiandui’s skin is made of glutinous rice powder, coconut shreds, peanuts and sesame seeds and the stuffing contains lotus paste. The fried snack shapes like a fist-size ball. It is crisp and leaves a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth.

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